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An approaching hospital visit can be a source of worry for you and your loved ones. Help to alleviate some of your anxiety by preparing for your stay as much as possible, and plan out what can feel like your daunting to-do list.

Inform those close to you where you are. Letting your friends and family know that you’re due in for a procedure keeps everyone in your support network in the loop. We often hear of people not disclosing to anyone they’re due into hospital, for fear that they will cause unnecessary worry or anxiety. However, we believe it’s important to let those people in your life know, and it can also help to prevent a worse anxiety in the future if they’re unable to contact you. They will have peace of mind, and may even wish to support you. Take in a list of your close contact numbers so you also have these on-hand if needed.

Do you need to make arrangements for your pet? Friends, family and neighbours are great to turn to in times of need. Alternatively house pet sitters can also be a great source of comfort, and many companies are set up to offer this service directly. If you’d prefer to have your pet away from the house when you’re not there, boarding kennels and catteries can also offer them peace of mind.

Planning deliveries. Check that your newspapers, milk, magazines and vegetable deliveries have all been cancelled ahead of your stay. Alternatively, ask a neighbour to collect them for you in your absence.