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Reablement care

Discover the unparalleled advantages of choosing our reablement care services. With a skilled team, personalised plans, and a proven record of success, we're your partner in holistic recovery. Regain independence, well-being, and confidence with us.

What is Reablement Care?

Reablement care is a personalised and goal-oriented approach to supporting individuals in regaining their independence and daily living skills after a period of illness, injury, or hospitalisation. It focuses on enhancing their physical, emotional, and mental well-being through a combination of therapeutic techniques, support, and guidance. The primary aim of reablement care is to empower individuals to resume their normal routines and activities while promoting self-confidence and autonomy.

Reasons for Choosing Reablement Care

– Personalised Rehabilitation: Reablement care offers tailored support that caters to an individual’s specific needs and goals, facilitating a faster and more effective recovery.

– Short-Term Focus: Unlike traditional long-term care, reablement care is time-limited and aims to help individuals regain their independence within a defined timeframe.

– Home-Based Care: Reablement care takes place within the comfort of the individual’s own home, creating a familiar environment that aids in the recovery process.

– Collaborative Approach: Reablement care involves active collaboration between the individual, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive recovery plan.

Who is Reablement Care For?

Reablement care is suitable for individuals who have experienced a decline in their ability to perform daily activities due to various factors such as:

– Hospitalisation: Individuals recently discharged from hospitals who require assistance in relearning essential skills to regain their independence.

– Injury or Illness: Those recovering from injuries, surgeries, or illnesses that have temporarily affected their ability to manage daily tasks.

– Elderly Individuals: adults who wish to maintain their autonomy and continue living in their homes while receiving support to enhance their well-being.


Some of our Reablement Care Services


Personal Care Assistance

Trained caregivers offer support with personal hygiene, dressing, grooming, and other activities of daily living.

Mobility Enhancement

Physical therapists work to improve mobility, balance, and coordination through tailored exercises and techniques.

Meal Preparation and Nutrition

Nutritional experts assist in planning and preparing balanced meals that cater to individual dietary needs.

Medication Management

Healthcare professionals ensure proper medication adherence and provide education on managing medications effectively.

Emotional Support

Social workers and counselors offer emotional and psychological support to enhance mental well-being during the recovery process.

Home Safety Assessment

Experts assess the home environment and make necessary modifications to ensure safety and accessibility.

Goal Setting & Progress Monitoring

Reablement care plans are developed collaboratively, and progress is tracked regularly to ensure goals are being met.

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No matter the circumstances you find yourself in or the inquiries you have, John Jasper care is readily available to provide assistance and support.

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