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Mother-infant psychotherapy is a specialized form of therapy that focuses on the relationship between a mother and her infant. It is based on the understanding that the early relationship between a mother and her child is crucial for the child’s emotional and psychological development. This type of therapy is typically used to address issues such as postpartum depression, anxiety, and bonding difficulties between a mother and her infant. The therapist works closely with both the mother and the infant, observing their interactions and providing guidance and support to facilitate a healthy and secure attachment. The goal of mother-infant psychotherapy is to help the mother and infant develop a strong and nurturing relationship, which can have a significant impact on the child’s future emotional well-being. Through this therapy, mothers can also gain a better understanding of their own emotions and how they may affect their relationship with their child. It is a collaborative and holistic approach that recognizes the importance of the mother-infant bond and aims to strengthen it for the benefit of both the mother and the child.